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Management Systems Certification d.o.o. is an independent legal entity registered with the relevant authorities and is legally responsible for all of its certification activities.

Management Systems Certification d.o.o. is registered in the Business Registers Agency, entry number БД 36672/2011 from 2011-04-08.

Management Systems Certification d.o.o. was founded with the purpose of carrying out the auditing, evaluation and certification of different management systems. On the basis of a decision on registration by the Business Registers Agency, the predominant activity for which Management Systems Certification d.o.o. is registered is “71.20 Technical testing and analysis” - issuing certificates of compliance for management systems.

Management Systems Certification d.o.o. is accredited by the Accreditation Board of Serbia according to the requirements of standard SRPS ISO 17021:2011 for carrying out conformance assessments. Please find more information on our accreditation here.


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About us
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